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Fri Nov 21 10:15:00 UTC 2014

As the Subject Advisor, I try to provide information related to the BTEC in Sport qualification.

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The BTEC Sport subject page includes information on:

  • developments about the qualifications
  • support for the teaching and delivery of these subjects
  • events, exhibitions, conferences and competitions
  • useful resources.

Teaching Support Materials for NQF BTEC Firsts

On the NQF First BTEC Sport qualification page you will find:

  • Specification: this document provides support with the delivery of the qualification. In the specification you can find the objectives of the qualification; the structure of the qualification, method of assessment, assessment criteria etc.
  • Delivery guide: a companion document to your specification, this contains ideas for practical activities, realistic scenarios and independent learning and shows how the content of the specification might work in practice and can inspire you to find challenging ways to deliver the course.
  • Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs): examples of the external assessment
    Past paper and mark schemes: past live external assessments and their respective mark schemes for units 1 and 7.
  • Examiner reports: the lead examiner writes a report for every retired external assessment. The report is designed to help teachers understand how learners performed in a particular test. The report provides an analysis of learner responses for each question. Many questions in the document also provide example learner responses, with commentary.
  • Teacher support materials: Subject guide to internal assessment that is specific to BTEC Firsts and Nationals in Sport - the document provides additional support and examples of the new internal assessment rules.
  • Authorised assignment briefs: Pearson has produced several assignment briefs that can be used by centres. Teachers can use them as they are or, if you prefer, you can adapt them to meet the needs and interests of your learners and take into account the sports provision in your local area. Every assignment must still be internally verified before handing them out to learners.
  • Sample marked learner work: examples of learner work that has been marked to give assessors some support with marking.
  • Past training content: power point slides and training materials given out during Pearson training events for NQF BTEC First in Sport.

Support materials

Support materials for QCF BTEC Nationals in Sport include:

  • Specification: provides support in the delivery of the qualification.  In the specification you can find the objectives of the qualification, the structure of the qualification, method of assessment, assessment criteria, etc.
  • Tutor resources: An overview on planning a course delivery, learner induction, ideas for tracking learner progress, a sample scheme of work, case studies from schools and colleges delivering BTEC, hints and tips on good practice, a walk through the assessment process, including a sample assignment with learner work and grading, frequently asked question and a tutors guide on how to write, mark and IV assessments.
  • Past training content: power point slides and training materials used during Pearson training events. There's no external assessment for the current QCF BTEC Nationals, therefore all the support is related to internal assessment only.

Ask the expert

Ask the expert is a free dedicated service where teachers can ask questions to the Subject advisor and/or Senior Standards verifiers about subject specific specification content and delivery. See our contact us page for more information.

Assignment Checking Service

The Assignment Checking Service is a free support service for BTEC centres.  If you submit an assignment brief, you will be given feedback on the brief to ensure your assignments are fit for purpose.

The Quality Assurance Process

The Quality Assurance Handbook provides all the information about the quality assurance process.  All the relevant forms can be located from this page.

Please ensure you download the correct documents – documents for learners in their second year of their course or on a top up will need to the documents titles ‘before 2014’ for those new to BTEC then the 'after 2014’ documents need to be used.

This page also contains a guide to writing internal assignments for both NQF BTEC and QCF BTEC qualifications in the UK Centres section.

myBTEC – Teacher toolkit

myBTEC is an online toolkit to support BTEC planning, delivery and assessment - with services to support building courses and creating assignments.

If you're an approved BTEC centre in the UK, myBTEC is free to access. You will need an Edexcel Online login.  If you don't have an account, you should speak to your Examinations Officer will be able to set up an account for you. If you have any problems logging into the site, please contact our support team on or telephone 0844 463 2535.

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Penny Lewis, Physical Education and Sport subject advisor
Penny LewisPhysical Education and Sport
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