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Mon Jun 07 13:00:00 UTC 2021

Have you visited the Pearson Professional Development Academy website? Make sure that you bookmark the site for future training and other key support and guidance.

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You may have already been directed to the Pearson Professional Development Academy to access the Summer 2021 support for teacher grading. It's possible that you have registered for further linked updates too.

This Pearson Professional Development Academy features the following content:

  • training (live as well as recorded sessions)
  • resources
  • appeals information


The live training includes generic support sessions on 'Grading', 'Quality assurance', 'Use of additional materials', 'Appeals' and 'Unconscious bias'. The academy has delivered an 'International qualifications update' and offers a variety of subject-specific training for teachers.

A special 'Languages-specific update for GCSE and A level teachers' took place in early May that attracted hundreds of delegates. This session was successful and led to the production of revised sets of FAQs for both GCSE and A level. See below. A recording of the session can be downloaded from the academy.

GCSE FAQs (PDF | 576 KB)

A level FAQs (PDF | 504 KB)


A range of useful resources are offered that include:

  • guides (including 'How to arrive at grading decisions’ and ‘Using the ‘additional’ or ‘unseen’ assessment materials)
  • checklists (including ‘Grading, ‘Using grade descriptors and exemplification’ and ‘Quality Assurance’)
  • videos (including generic guidance and advice on determining grades). 


The 'Appeals' section will offer guidance and advice on what needs to be done by centres and what to expect from the appeals process this summer.

If you visit the ‘Courses’ area, you can discover that a range of generic courses and language-specific ones are offered. Upcoming training this month includes:

Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Modern Languages - Building strong foundations at Key Stage 3 (French, German and Spanish) 

Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Modern Languages - Mastering grammar and translation (French, German and Spanish)

You can register and sign up for the courses directly from the site.


Subject advisor

Rebecca Waker

Phone :
+44 (0) 344 463 2535 (Teaching Services team | Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm GMT)
Languages Subject Advisor

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