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Fri Jul 26 09:13:00 UTC 2013

On 11 June 2013 the Department for Education released its consultation on the subject criteria for new GCSEs in Geography, along with other subjects. At the same time, Ofqual also released its consultation on the rules for the new qualifications.

The proposed key changes from September 2015 are as follows:

  • nine core GCSE subjects to be reformed for first teaching in September 2015. These are: geography English language, English literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, combined science and history. Other subjects will be introduced from 2016
  • GCSEs to be graded on a scale of 8-1, rather than by the current A*-G
  • linear GCSEs, with examinations only taking place in the summer term (excluding November resits in mathematics and English language)
  • two-tiered assessment structures to end, except in mathematics and science
  • no more controlled assessments, except in those subjects where exams cannot validly assess the skills and knowledge required.

The proposed key changes for GCSE Geography from September 2015 include:

  • the removal of controlled assessment
  • the removal of tiering
  • the external assessment of fieldwork 
  • fieldwork undertaken in at least two contrasting environments
  • increased in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Geography of the UK

Download the draft GCSE Geography subject content and assessment objectives for 2015

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The DfE consultation asks general and subject-specific questions about whether the proposed content for GCSEs represents a demanding and fulfilling course of study for each subject relating to:

  • the appropriateness of subject content and assessment objectives
  • the relative weighting of assessment objectives
  • progression of subject content from earlier key stages
  • progression to further academic and vocational study
  • the impact on specific pupil groups
  • literacy coverage.

It is important that teachers' views are reflected in the consultation process, so please make sure that you provide feedback to the DfE GCSE consultation and Ofqual consultation.

The DfE consultation will run until 20 August 2013 and the Ofqual consultation will run until 3 September 2013. We expect that the outcomes of both consultations will be announced in October. We will keep you updated on any new developments via email updates.

All the best,

Jon Wolton
Geography Subject Advisor

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