A level Geography exam support update

Fri May 04 09:11:00 UTC 2018

With the first A level exams fast approaching, we would like to make sure you’re equipped with the key information of how we’ll be supporting you both before and after results day.

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Most common questions asked by teachers

Here are responses to some of the FAQs we’re receiving from teachers about the new AS and A level exams:

Our Getting Started Guide provides you with an overview of the exam papers, command words, mark tariffs and support to understand the extended response questions.

The Exemplar student material provides examiner marked model answers with commentaries. There are new exemplar booklets now available for Topic 5 Water cycle and water insecurity, Topic 6 Carbon cycle and energy security and Topic 8A Health, human rights and intervention. Look out for an exemplar booklet for Topic 8B Migration, identity and sovereignty coming soon.

A new Assessment Guide for Paper 1 and Paper 2 is now available, with strategies for answering the 12 mark and 20 mark questions and help with interpreting our levels based mark schemes.

Our A level Geography workshop at the GA Annual Conference focused on the synoptic investigation in Paper 3. You can download all the training materials which include guidance on the three synoptic themes, preparing students for the demands of the exam and marking an exemplar response to the 24 mark essay.

Our unique optional coursework advisory service is available all year round for you to get feedback on the appropriateness of your students’ independently devised Independent Investigation Proposals.

You can also find details of our pre-recorded coursework making training, NEA guidance documents, and free coursework marking training events on our NEA support news page.

We’ve published examiner marked coursework exemplars including a new exemplar written specifically for the 2016 A level specification.

Preparing for the assessments

You can download the presentation and delegate documents for our A level Geography Mocks Marking Training. This training includes guidance on how to use our Specimen Papers, with model answers and examiner commentaries.

Our assessments are designed to be as transparent and consistent as possible, so teachers and students can go into the exams with confidence. Command words will stay the same for the lifetime of the qualification and will be used consistently with question types and mark tariffs to assess particular skills. The 2018 live papers will follow the structure and style of our published Sample Assessment Materials and Specimen Papers.

Ask our expert Subject Advisor

Our team of experts is always ready to help. You can get in touch with our Geography Subject Advisor, Jon Wolton, either by email at teachinggeography@pearson.com, by telephone on 020 7010 2185, or via witter @Geog_Advisor.

To ensure you’re kept up-to-date with important qualification information and Geography-related news, make sure you sign up to Jon’s Geography Subject Advisor Updates.

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You can also use our Ask the Expert service.

Post-results day services

The results day for AS and A level is on 16 August 2018.

You’ll be pleased to know that, as per last summer, you’ll be able to download your students’ summer 2018 examination scripts free of charge using the Access to Scripts Self-Service Portal. Please ensure that you have obtained consent from the candidates before requesting scripts.

If you have queries about this summer’s results, you can get access to scripts and apply for an EAR (Enquiry About Results). Information on the post-results services available – including details of prices and relevant deadlines – can be found on our website.

However, you can have confidence and trust in the results your students receive from us, as research from Ofqual across all exam boards shows that the summer 2017 exam results released by Pearson, across all GCSE and A level subjects, were the most accurate of all. 99.2% of our grades were accurate on results day, fewer Pearson GCSE and A level grades were challenged and fewer grades were changed than any other major exam board.

You will be able to download the Summer 2018 question papers and mark schemes from the A level Geography qualification page from early August.

ResultsPlus will still be available for you to analyse your students’ results in detail. Principal Examiner reports will be available via ResultsPlus from results day. Watch our short video on how to view the Principal Examiner Reports.

A moderator report for the coursework element will also be available from results day, and you will be able to access this via Edexcel Online.

We will also be providing free, pre-recorded training on each exam paper’s performance and strategies for improving teaching and learning. In addition, a series of free network events – both online and face-to-face – will be available to attend during the Autumn term and these will focus on lessons learnt from the 2018 exams Make sure that you’re kept informed of this training by subscribing to Jon’s Subject Advisor updates.

If you have any further questions you can contact us by emailing teachinggeography@pearson.com.

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