BTEC Technical Diploma in Engineering, first teaching September 2017

30 May 2017

BTEC Technical Diploma in Engineering is a Level 2 qualification for learners who want to start a career in Engineering. It is designed for post-16 learners and can be taken as part of a wider study programme.

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Information about BTEC Level 2 Technical Diploma in Engineering

The content of the qualification consists of five mandatory units and relates directly to the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected by employers in the engineering sector. These are:

  • Unit 1: Engineering Principles 
  • Unit 2: Processes and Materials 
  • Unit 3: Business improvement techniques 
  • Unit 4: Workshop skills
  • Unit 9: Delivering engineering solutions

Learners will also need to choose 2 optional units. The content of the optional units introduces a more focused knowledge and skills needed to start working in the engineering sector. The areas that learners will choose from are:

  • Unit 5: machining techniques 
  • Unit 6: printed circuit board (PCB) components and soldering 
  • Unit 7: computer numerical control 
  • Unit 8: electrical components and wiring.

Guided Learning Hours and Total Qualification Time

Guided Learning Hours mean activities, such as lessons, tutorials, online instruction, supervised study and giving feedback on performance, that directly involve tutors and assessors in teaching, supervising and invigilating learners. Guided learning includes the time required for learners to complete external assessment under examination or supervised conditions.

The qualification is 360 GLH.

Total Qualification Time is the total number of hours required for learners to complete and show achievement for the qualification.

The qualification is 445 GLH

Qualification Structure and Units

There are five mandatory units and four optional units in the qualification. Learners are required to complete and achieve all mandatory units and two optional units.

This qualification has 66% mandatory content and 25% external assessment.

Unit Unit Title GLH Type How Assessed
1 Engineering Principles 45 Mandatory External
2 Processes and Materials 45 Mandatory External
3 Business Improvement Techniques 30 Mandatory Internal
4 Workshop Skills 60 Mandatory Internal
5 Machining Techniques 60 Optional Internal
6 PCB Components and Soldering 60 Optional Internal
7 Computer Numerical Control 60 Optional Internal
8 Electrical Components and Wiring 60 Optional Internal
9 Delivering Engineering Solutions 60 Mandatory Internal Synoptic


The qualification is assessed with a mixture of internal and external assessment.

Externally Assessed units:

Unit 1: Engineering Principles – Externally assessed with on-screen test, set and marked by Pearson.

  • The test is worth 60 marks and is 75 minutes. 
  • Assessment is on demand – first opportunity in January 2018.

Unit 2: Processes and Materials – Externally assessed with on-screen test, set and marked by Pearson.

  • The test is worth 60 marks and is 75 minutes. 
  • Assessment is on demand – first opportunity in March 2018.

There are sample assessment materials for the these units available online. 

Internally Assessed Units

Units 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are internally assessed. Internal assessment is through assignments that are subject to external standards verification. Learners receive assignments in the form of assignment briefs. There are Authorised Assignment briefs for internal units, developed by Pearson. You can use these off the shelf or contextualise them to suit the needs of your learners and your centre. In each case, these must be internally verified.

Unit 9 is a synoptic internal assessment, which is designed to take place towards the end of the programme and draws on the learning throughout. The design of this assessment ensures that there is sufficient stretch and challenge, enabling the assessment of sector-related knowledge and technical and practical skills at the end of the learning period.

Employer Involvement

Employer involvement in the delivery and/or assessment of technical qualifications provides:

  • a clear ‘line of sight’ to work
  • enriches learning
  • raises the credibility of the qualification in the eyes of employers, parents and learners
  • furthers collaboration between the learning and skills sector and industry.

Centres need to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to undertake meaningful activity involving employers during their course.

Examples of ‘meaningful activity’ include:

  • working with an industrial partner to develop a range of case studies to aid the delivery and assessment of the unit,
  • structured work experience or work placements that develop skills and knowledge relevant to the industry,
  • units delivered or co-delivered by industry practitioners,
  • projects, exercises and/or assessments/examinations set with input from industry practitioners,
  • industry practitioners operating as ‘expert witnesses’ that contribute to the assessment of a learner’s work of practice, operating within a specified assessment framework.

Qualification grading and eligibility for an award

In order to be awarded the qualification, a learner must complete all units and achieve a Pass or above in all units.

To achieve a qualification grade, learners must:

  • achieve and report a grade (D, M or P) for all units within a valid combination,
  • achieve the minimum number of points at a grade threshold.
  Internal Units Internal Units External Units
Grade 30GLH 60GLH 45GLH
U 0 0 0
Pass 8 16 12
Merit 12 24 18
Distinction 16 32 24
Grade Points threshold
PP 96
MP 112
MM 128
DM 152
DD 176

Finally, to access more information about BTEC Technical Diploma in Engineering, including individual unit content and assessment criteria please download and get familiar with the specification document. 

Download BTEC Technical Diploma in Engineering Specification document

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