GCSE Drama Unit 3 FAQs 2014

27 January 2014

To help you in this very busy period, I've compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions and the most important information you might need for GCSE Drama.

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I haven't heard from my unit 3 examiner yet - when will they contact me?

Unit 3 examiners will begin to contact centres from Tuesday 28 January 2014. All centres who have made exam entries should have been contacted by an examiner by Monday 3 February 2014.

Where can I find the documents and guides for controlled assessment units and unit 3 exams?

You can find all the forms and documents you need for your controlled assessment units and externally assessed examinations on the GCSE Drama page.

You will find Word versions of the forms for 5DR03 (unit 3) under the heading 'Exam materials - Unit 3'.

The Administrative Support Guide (ASG), which contains the Instructions for the Conduct of the Examination, can be found in the 'Support Materials' section.

Special considerations

If you believe that a student may not have realised their full potential because of absence or illness which was not the fault of the student, you should submit a request on the Special Consideration form held by your centre’s examinations officer.

You must make a special consideration request no later than seven days after the final examination.

You should sent the request, with the appropriate documentation (such as medical certification) to:

Special Requirements
190 High Holborn
Email: uk.special.requirements@pearson.com

On the form D3c, what is the teacher expected to write in the box marked 'supporting evidence'?

On pages 31 and 32 of the specification there are examples of the documentation required to support the presentation to the examiner. Please use this information to help complete the form.

On the form D3d, what do VE and TL stand for?

VE is Visiting Examiner. TL is Team Leader (who may accompany the VE to the examination).

You can find all of these FAQs (and quite a few more) in the GCSE Drama Administrative Support Guide (which used to be called ICE) on the GCSE Drama page. Select 'Support Materials', then 'Administrative Support Guide'.

I hope you found this update useful. If you have any queries about GCSE or GCE Drama, please email us at TeachingPerformingArts@Pearson.com.

Best wishes


Paul Webster, Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts subject advisor
Paul WebsterDrama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts
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