Exemplar materials for Performing Arts and Drama

Fri Feb 21 15:01:00 UTC 2014

To help with teaching and assessing the Edexcel Performing Arts and Drama qualifications, here are details of the latest support materials available.

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BTEC Firsts in Performing Arts

There are now authorised assignment briefs for units 2 to 7 and 9 to 29 available on the BTEC Performing Arts page for you to download and adapt, including a new unit 4: Dance Skills brief.

To help with understanding the requirements of unit 1: Individual Showcase, you can watch a secure feedback video which includes extracts of student performances and letters of application.

Applied GCE in Performing Arts

You can access examples of work for the seven units in the qualification from the Applied GCE in Performing Arts page. Each folder contains notes from the Principal Moderator on approaches to the unit, a piece of learner work and detailed assessment feedback and marks.

GCSE Drama

For units 1 and 2, there are standardisation materials available for this academic year on the GCSE Drama page (select 'support materials'). Please note, there are no recordings of practical explorations in this standardisation pack.

For unit 3, there is a full-length recording of a devised piece from 2013, with a detailed commentary by the Chief Examiner: select 'exam materials - unit 3', then select 'example work 2013/2014'.

GCE Drama and Theatre Studies

For unit 2, Section A, we have provided a couple of examples of Written Performance/Design Concepts on the GCE Drama page (please select 'exemplar materials'). These include useful commentaries from the principal examiner.

We will be providing more examples of work for all our performing arts and drama qualifications throughout the year. If you would like to share your students' work, or share your own approaches to teaching assessing our qualifications, for example lesson plans, schemes of work, exercises and resources, etc, please contact me at TeachingPerformingArts@Pearson.com.

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Paul Webster, Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts subject advisor
Paul WebsterDrama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts
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