GCSE 2015 consultations

30 June 2013


I'm sure you've all heard in the news about the desire of the Secretary of State for Education to re-develop GCSEs to make them more demanding. Science is one of the first in line for re-development, due for first teaching in September 2015.

There have been two consultations released recently on this. Firstly, the DfE have releasd a consultation which is open until halfway through the summer holidays (20 August). They have written entirely new subject criteria for awarding organisations from which to develop GCSEs; the process being to consult on these subject criteria and assessment objectives for science. They are also taking views on the inclusion of practical work, and whether new GCSEs developed from these criteria will provide suitable progression to A level.

See the DfE consultation

In addition, Ofqual are also consulting on the regulatory requirements around these new GCSEs. This consultataion is open until the end of the summer holidays (3 September):

See the Ofqual consultation

They are seeking views on:

  • Tiering in science
  • Internal and external assessment, and how we assess practical science
  • Assessment time, and totally linear GCSEs
  • Synopticity
  • A new grading system

This is a unique opportunity to have your say on these new GCSEs, so if you can spare the time to respond to these consultations, it would be really useful.

Our response

In addition, we are compiling our own bank of evidence to present to the DfE and Ofqual.


Stephen Nugus
Science Subject Advisor

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