Amendment to GCSE Physical Education exam from summer 2012

14 February 2012

We’re making a small change to the written examination paper for both the GCSE Physical Education full and short courses from summer 2012.  

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The longer question(s) at the end of the written examination paper will no longer contain supporting bullet points (scaffolding).

We made this decision after the 2011 award resulted in grade boundaries which did not cover as wide a range of marks as we would have wished. After the summer, we began consultation with Ofqual to put in place actions to address this for all our centres and candidates.

Questions from summer 2012 onwards will reflect the format of the first set of published sample assessment materials available on our website. To support you further, we've also prepared additional exemplars of the longer question(s) and mark schemes. You'll find all of these in the course materials under 'Specification and sample assessments'. 

Please continue to prepare your candidates for these papers as described in the specification and the sample assessment materials.

If you have any questions, please email the Physical Education Assessment Team at or contact the Subject Advisor, Penny Lewis, at

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