22 February 2016

After listening to your feedback and as part of our regular review of Pearson qualifications, we have made some changes to the assessment for Unit 1 of the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Children's Play, Learning and Development (2014).

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Students will sit the revised assessment for the first time in summer 2016, so in order to prepare you and your students, we are writing to let you know:

  • what is staying the same
  • what changes we have made
  • what further help and support is available.

What hasn’t changed?

In principle and format, the exam still works in the same way:

  • Unit content is unchanged.
  • The structure of the paper remains the same.
  • Duration of the exam is the same.
  • The paper still carries 80 marks.
  • There are two sections (A and B). The first section is still a series of questions where candidates need to interpret scenario information.

What is changing?

New sample assessment materials (SAMs)

To help ensure learners demonstrate knowledge of the subject, we have:

  • reduced the proportion of extended open responses
  • increased the number of shorter answer questions
  • made changes, so in general each section:
    • starts with questions worth fewer marks
    • ends with questions worth higher marks.

Download the sample assessment materials:

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New glossary  

We have worked with the senior examining team to develop a resource you can use for exam preparation. The new glossary defines what each command word means, so you and your students know what is expected for each question.

Download the glossary:

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New mark scheme

We have revised our mark schemes to reflect the new glossary. You and your students will be able to see the relationship between the definition of the command word from the glossary and the instructions we have included in each mark scheme.

When will we implement these changes?

We will apply the new glossary and the new Sample Assessment Materials, including the mark scheme, to the summer 2016 exam series.

We will also apply the new mark scheme model to students who took the exam in January 2016.

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