This form will allow Pearson centres to change their Exams Officer. It can be used by brand new and existing Exams Officers, to update their contact details.

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Guide to the form

Section 1:

Please ensure that both the email address and phone number that you provide are centre-based contact details. We also require your 5 digit centre number (NCN) and centre name.

Section 2:

Complete this short section of questions to give our Customer Service Specialist an idea of your previous experience in the role. This will help us support you moving forward so that we can tailor our assistance to your needs.

Section 3:

If you do not already have an Edexcel Online (EOL) account please provide a date and time for us to contact you to complete a secure callback. Once complete, we can then finalise the set up of your account. If you do have an existing account but still wish to receive support then let us know in the options available.

Section 4: Please note that we will send a notification to the Head of Centre on the email address we have listed on our system, to inform them that we have received a request stating you are taking over the Exams Officer role.

Once completed, please click submit.

When we have received your submission, a Customer Service Specialist will contact you to conduct a welcome call if you have requested one. We will use the number we have on our system to contact you, rather than the one stated on this form.

If you are a new Exams Officer at your centre, you will be set up with an Edexcel Online account. A Customer Service Specialist can take you through the various features that this system offers.

If you have not been contacted by a specialist on the day you specified and have not been notified of any changes in date/time, please get in touch with the Customer Services team through the Customer Portal .

*This will be during office hours. Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

** If the Head of Centre details do not match what we currently have on our system we will provide you with a Change of Details form to update this information.

Page 1

Section 1: Exams Officer Details
The information provided should be that of the new Exams Officer and the centre you will be working within. 

Page 2

Section 2: The Role of Exams Officer
This section is about your experience in the role and will help us to support you moving forward. If you confirm that you will be the lead Exams Officer, we will update our records to reflect this. 

Page 3

Section 3: Welcome Call
If you already have an Edexcel Online account please specify this below and you will not need a secure call back to set up your account. If you do not have an account please select 'No' and the form will allow you to specify a date and time for us to contact you and complete a secure call back – before setting up your new Exams Officer account. This call will take approximately 30 minutes. Once submitted, we will endeavor to call you on the date and time provided*. 

Please select three time slots in priority order. We will attempt to contact you within your preferred time slot; if this is not possible we will seek to contact you in the next selected slot, and so on.

Page 4

Section 4: Head of Centre Details
These are the details for the Head of Centre at the centre in which you will become the Exams Officer. If the details do not match what we currently have on our system, we will provide you with a Change of Details form so this can be updated.