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Look out for further updates throughout the year, providing support with all aspects of BTEC.

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Support for BTEC Firsts planning

As you prepare to move from BTEC First (QCF) qualifications, we'd like to provide reassurance that BTECs are the level 2 qualification of choice.

Supporting you to deliver student success

We have a range of teaching and support materials to help you plan and deliver the BTEC Firsts (NQF) from September 2015 with confidence. You can find all of the available support material using the quick links to your qualification subject page.

If you need any further advice or guidance, contact us.

BTEC is the only applied learning qualification for level 2 students with a 30-year record of delivering progression to study and career success.

  • Teachers: Over 1 million students start new BTEC courses every year.

  • Students: 4 out of 5 BTEC students now in employment consider their BTEC as an important step towards their desired job. BTEC First students have a 30-year track record of successful progression to BTEC Level 3 Nationals and beyond.

  • Employers: YouGov research shows 62% of large companies have recruited BTEC-qualified employees.

  • HE: Over 150 UK universities offering degree courses accept BTEC. The proportion of the 18-year-old population in England entering HE with BTEC has doubled between 2008 and 2013. The number of students with a combination of A level and BTEC has increased nearly 4-fold in the same period.

The up-to-date content in BTEC First courses, combined with their balance of internal and external assessment, reflects the latest thinking on vocational qualifications and policy reform for 2016 and beyond.

All BTEC Firsts contain an element of external assessment and a mandatory core of units, both of which are included in the criteria for Technical Certificates at level 2.

This means you can be confident the BTEC First approach is evolving ahead of the curve to support the present and future needs of students, higher education and employers.

Whether you’re building your course, getting ready to teach, preparing for assessment, or looking for training, you can choose from a Course Toolkit of high-quality content and support - at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

  • Our friendly Subject Advisors all have first-hand experience of teaching BTECs and they’re always available whenever your teaching teams want to talk through their individual needs.

  • 4 types of support for each stage in your BTEC journey: Getting ready to teach, teaching and learning, preparing for assessment and understanding results. You'll find all of this support on the BTEC specification page for your subject.

  • Our examiner reports offer post-results insights for all types of assessment, so you can support your students’ progress at every stage.

There’s also a range of optional, paid-for services including textbook and revision guides, Teacher Planning Packs and training courses, so you can customise your BTEC First Course Toolkit with just what you need to meet the individual need of your students.

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See what BTEC training course are available

Whether you’re preparing students for an external test set by Pearson or an internal assignment you’ve set, there’s plenty of support to help you understand the standard and prepare with confidence.

You'll find sample assessments and past papers on the BTEC First specification page for your subject. 

BTEC First courses are funded in 15 subject areas for pre- and post-19 students in England - the widest range of sectors of any awarding organisation.

This means BTEC Firsts give you the flexibility to co-teach your pre- and post-19 students on the same qualification and be confident you can draw down the funding you need for academic years 2014/15 and 2015/16. 

There's at least one funded qualification for pre- and post-19 students in each sector, apart from Vehicle Technology.

To find out more about the qualifications this applies to, see this 19+ funding update.

Stay with BTEC - contribute your expertise to shape the new BTEC Firsts

We’re already working on how to improve and update BTEC Firsts to meet the needs of students, teaching professionals, higher education and employers, and we’d love you to contribute your expertise. We’ll be in touch later this year with more news on how to get involved in the BTEC Firsts consultation.