About Edexcel Healthcare Support qualifications

Find out more about our Edexcel Healthcare Support (former IHCD) qualifications, who they’re for and the different subjects and levels available.  

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What are Healthcare Support (IHCD) qualifications?

IHCD (Institute of Health and Care Development) was the training and development arm of the NHS. IHCD developed a suite of emergency care and instructional qualifications that are now awarded by Pearson on its behalf.

These qualifications were originally designed for individuals working in the NHS but are now used in the wider healthcare community including private ambulance services, voluntary societies and private training providers who can comply with the stipulated rules and regulations.

Heathcare Support qualifications are currently recognised on the Edexcel Customised Qualifications Framework, an independent framework regulated by Pearson that recognises industry-specific or job-specific blocks of training.

What qualifications are available?

We offer qualifications throughout the UK in the following areas:

First responders

  • First Person on Scene (FPOS)

Emergency Care

  • Ambulance Aid (also known as Technician)
  • Paramedic Practice
  • Ambulance Driving, including Emergency Driving.


  • Ambulance Tutor
  • Ambulance Driving Instructor.

What levels are offered in the various subjects?

The levels shown below are Edexcel indications of the Qualifications and Credit Framework equivalent level. They are not binding for other bodies. 

Subject Level
Ambulance Driving   Level 2
Ambulance Emergency Driving Level 3
Ambulance Aid/Technician Level 3
First Person on Scene (Basic)   Level 2
First Person on Scene (Intermediate) Level 2
First Person on Scene (Enhanced) Level 3
Ambulance Tutor Level 4
Ambulance Driving Instructor Level 4

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