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This year, we’ve created two brand-new opportunities for students to experience the BTEC Awards ceremony from a completely unique perspective. 

The competitions have now closed. Make sure you come back soon to find out who the winners are.

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Join our showcase

An exclusive chance for your students to perform at the BTEC Awards 2017!

The BTEC Awards is all about showcasing talent, so this year we’re giving BTEC students the chance to put their skills in the spotlight – literally!

We've launched the BTEC Awards Showstopper Challenge: an open call for talented acts to come and perform before our star-studded crowd at the ceremony.  

There are no set rules, except:

  • The performance should be based on the theme of "The Future"
  • Performances should be no more than 5 minutes long
  • All performers must be current BTEC students aged 14 or above

The prize: The judging panel will select three winning acts (individuals and/or groups) who will be invited to attend and perform live at the BTEC Awards ceremony, to be held in London on Thursday 6th July. All performers will receive a special BTEC award and certificate.

Showtime at the BTEC Awards
Showcase your skills in the spotlight at the BTEC Awards 2017!

How to enter

Entries must be made by the tutor/teacher of the performer/s involved. Tutors/teachers can enter as many acts from their BTEC class as they wish, but must complete separate entry forms for each. Students cannot enter the competition directly.

To enter your performer/s, please send the following by email to with "BTEC Awards Showstoppers" and your centre name in the subject line:

  • The completed entry form
  • Copies of signed permission forms obtained from the parents/guardians of all performers aged 18 or under*
  • A video of the performance (5 minutes maximum) under 300MB and supplied in MOV/MPEG-4/WMV format. Videos must be sent via a filesharing link (e.g. Dropbox) to with “BTEC Awards Showstoppers” and your centre name in the subject line.   

*Please note: Entries will not be judged unless all the relevant documents are signed and received by Pearson.

Deadline for entries: 30th April

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Join our crew

Calling all BTEC Media students!

We’re looking for a talented team of BTEC Media students to come to London to help us capture all the action at the BTEC Awards ceremony on Thursday 6th July.  

As a team, you'll be in charge of planning, filming, presenting and producing backstage footage of the BTEC Awards 2017. As well as reporting live through BTEC social media channels on the day, you'll be required to film a 'backstage report' video which will be published on our website and social media after the ceremony.  

This is a unique opportunity for you and your classmates to lead a prestigious film project and get some impressive work experience to add to your CV! 

The brief

Teams are invited to record a short video report that seeks to answer the question: ‘Why choose BTEC?'

We're looking for a news bulletin-style report which seeks to investigate and communicate why an increasing number of students are choosing to study BTECs. Your video could feature interviews with BTEC students and teachers, vox pops or any other content you feel helps to answer the question.

Videos must be no more than 5 minutes long and under 300MB. Read our full Rules of Entry

How to enter

Entries must be made by the teams’ tutor/teacher on their behalf to with "BTEC Awards Backstage Report" in the subject line.

Entrants must send:   

  • A completed entry form for their team
  • Signed consent forms for all team members and contributors featured in the video
  • Their video via filesharing site (e.g. Dropbox), with the message "BTEC Awards Backstage Report + centre name"

Deadline for entries: 30th April

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Backstage at the BTEC Awards 2016
Backstage at the BTEC Awards 2016